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Why AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil?

There is a reason AMSOIL is 1st in Synthetic's

When it comes to deciding what synthetic motor oil is right for your equipment we have trained experts in synthetic motor oil and lubrication. If you are new to synthetic motor oil watch the video below that explains the basic difference between conventional oil and synthetic motor oil and what sets AMSOIL Synthetic motor Oil apart from other synthetic motor oil.
People often ask "what is the difference between the different automotive oils sold by AMSOIL?" 

The following list provides the various categories of oil and how the American Petroleum Institute (API) rates them.

Group I: Fractionally distilled petroleum that is further refined with a solvent extraction purpose to help with oxidation resistance and to remove wax.

Group II: Fractionally distilled base stocks then hydrocracked to further refine the purity.

Group III: Hydrocracked further than group II base stocks increasing the viscosity index higher with a lower wax content.

Group IV: Polyalphaolefins (PAO's). chemically engineered creating a true "synthetic oil base stock"

Group V: Base stocks that do not fall into group I-IV

When you add it all up Group 1 and II are typically considered mineral oils with Group II having an additional step of hydro cracking for added purity.

Group III: Considered synthetic oil by API in the USA but not in Germany and Japan. Why? Look back at the Group descriptions Group III base stock is the same as group II but hydrocracked or in plain English refined one-step further, thus it is still a mineral oil just further refined. Most of the synthetic oils sold in the US are actually Group III Synthetics oils.

On the other hand, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor oil is pure Synthetic motor oil that falls into the Group IV classification. AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil uses a polyalphaolefins base stock, which is a single molecule not a hydrocarbon chain. Group IV base stocks are much purer that the other groups giving it superior mechanical properties over a very wide temperature range. Group IV Synthetic motor oils have a much-improved viscosity index and require little to no viscosity improvers, which are the most vulnerable to thermal and mechanical degradation over the life of the oil.

AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil is designed to reduce the wear and tear on mechanical components when compared to petroleum products while reducing oxidation and the formation of sludge, which is a killer in today's engines due to the heat buildup. As a result, AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil is engineered and warranted for up to 1 year or 25,000 miles in the majority of its motor oils in normal service applications.

Motor oil test comparisons continually prove the superior quality of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil.

So the answer to the question "why Synthetic motor oil?" is very simple, AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil is superior to petroleum motor oil, the independent tests prove the facts.

One last point, many people refer to AMSOIL as AMZOIL or AMS OIL, actually AMSOIL started out as AMZOIL but changed the name due to a name dispute way back when it first came to market. Although when you say it is sounds like AMZOIL is actually AMSOIL

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