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Classic Cars That Won't Leave You High and Dry

Here are some more classic models to consider if you are on a budget.

Chevy Monza (1975-80)

 A four-seater, sub-compact car that won Motor Trends Car of the Year in 1975, the Monza is rare but desirable. With a price tag of $1-3,000, it is a must for our list.

Mercury Cyclone GT (1970-71)

When Ford changed up its look in 1970, most Americans fell out of love. Now more than 50 years later, we can admire the body and interior of one of America's most powerful vehicles. Sporting a 7-liter V8 rated at 360-hp, the Spoiler model of the Mercury Cyclone GT will only set you back around $12-18,000.

Dodge Dart Sport 360 (1974-76)

The fastest sedan built in America, and second overall to just the Corvette, the Dodge Dart Sport was a shining light in the nadir of American power in the mid-70s. This beauty would freight-train to 121.8 mph, and now goes for just $5-8,500.

Datsun 240Z (1970-73)

The Z was a gorgeous car, and one of the first Japanese sports cars popular in America. And it was as fast as it looked, topping the speeds of Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-class of its day. The best part- you can find one for under $15,000.

Porsche 914 2.0 (1972-75)

A car that is very underrated for not being a 911, the Porsche 914 is one of the best-handling vehicles you will find. They are so much fun to drive. A Porsche 914 in excellent condition will run you $8-12,000.

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