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If you’re like us here at Amsoil Dealer - Stokes Abode then you love the outdoors. Getting out in the sun, the rain, or even the snow where you can just drive and drive, finding your own tracks and making your own way - there’s just nothing that matches the thrill and excitement that outdoor adventure can bring. And while many drivers see their adventures limited by their regular everyday cars, here at Amsoil Dealer - Stokes Abode we understand that to get a true sense of adventure, you need a 4WD.

How to Protect Your 4WD Engine on and off the Road

If you’re new to owning a 4WD and are just learning about the specific engine maintenance requirements that it brings or you’re a seasoned adventurer always looking for ways to improve the performance and extend the lifespan of your engine, Amsoil Dealer - Stokes Abode has a post to give you some information on what’s happening inside your 4WD engine as you drive, what it needs to perform, and how you can extend its lifespan.

Let's Start With the Most Likely Adventures - Camping Trips Under the Sun

As most adventure is sought while the sun is at its peak, a 4WD engine is often put through the test during extreme heat, constantly being pushed to keep moving. While we don’t want to discourage driving during high temperatures it’s often this time that can cause damage inside your engine. While a 4WD engine is running, even more so than a regular car’s engine, it generates a pretty high amount of heat. Add to this the sun’s rays constantly beaming down on your engine and those temperatures don’t go anywhere except up. When this occurs and the temperatures get too high, it can cause conventional oil based lubricants to break apart. When this occurs, the tiny impurities throughout conventional engine oil break away from the main flow of the liquid and start to collect throughout your engine. While this starts out as tiny and unnoticeable amounts of damage, as you drive these buildups are growing, and often in the most intricate parts of your engine where important components collide and interact. What this means for your engine and its operation are internal components that aren’t able to complete their full rotation or operation because this build up doesn’t allow it. Imagine a baseball batter who, when he goes for a swing, isn’t able to pull the bat as far back as he needs to get the full power. Similar instances occur inside your engine, whereas buildup can prevent parts such as pistons from completing their full rotation. The concern with this level of damage is that it’s often not noticed until it’s too late, with motorists being unaware of the drop in performance and often just pushing their foot harder on the gas pedal. This type of damage, however, is preventable without requiring an in-depth level of mechanical knowledge. Synthetic based engine oil has been developed with purpose designed additives included in the refinement process that work together to prevent oil breakdown, ensuring all additives remain within the oils flow and don’t break apart to create buildup in the first place. If you’re new to synthetic oil, speak with an expert at Amsoil Dealer - Stokes Abode at (253) 381-1550. With extensive experience providing high-quality engine oil to 4WD just like yourself, Amsoil Dealer - Stokes Abode will make sure you get the right product to keep your 4WD on the road for longer.

Longer Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

One of the many complaints that we hear from 4WD adventurers is that their level of adventure and driving takes too hard a toll on their conventional oil, leading them to feel like they’re constantly having to pour more and more oil into their vehicles. Our response is often that they aren’t wrong with this feeling. In addition to the breakdown that we mentioned above, the heat also takes another toll on conventional oil lubricants - oxidation. When the temperatures get too high, the low quality nature of conventional oil simply can’t handle it and it begins to evaporate, leaving less and less oil running through your engine each time you drive. This can often the very reason motorists feel like they’re filling up too often.

Extend Your Top-Up Frequency With a Synthetic Oil Change Near Lacey

For these adventurers, we suggest switching to a high-quality synthetic oil lubricant which has been designed to not only withstand breakdown under extreme temperatures but resists oxidation, leaving more oil in your 4WD to keep it protected as you drive. If you feel like you are constantly topping up your oil or you’re just looking to protect your engine from damage and extend its lifespan, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Stokes Abode at (253) 381-1550. With an extensive range of high-quality synthetic oil lubricants available, professional advice and products are made available for even the newest 4WD owner.

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