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AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides superior protection when compared to conventional motor oil

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil uses the best additives to protect all you car, truck, or other equipment.

AMSOIL's dedicated engineering staff is continuously researching and improving the additives used in their products to meet the ever more demanding environment to which motor oil and lubrication products are exposed to.

The key to a motor oil's success is the ability to withstand the shear put against the oil.  Many additives cannot handle the demands placed on them with the new motors resulting in excessive wear over the life of the engine, or transmission, or differentials.

You can rest assured that by using AMSOIL lubricants you are using arguably the best synthetic motor oil to protect your investment.  Please visit my website and explore the products, you can easily find the specifications and compare them for yourself.


Cost is directly related to the quality of the lubricant additives but you can rest assured that AMSOIL strives to deliver the best synthetic motor oil at the best pricing possible to protect your valuable equipment.

Many lubricants sold at low price points use conventional base stocks and lower-quality additives resulting in more wear from the conditions that motors are subjected to every day.

What you need is a synthetic motor oil formulated to optimize performance, like AMSOIL, that contains additives proven to perform within a wide range of temperate and demand. Although these additives may often cost more they are worth the money to protect your vehicle and equipment. Using high-quality synthetic motor oils leads to excellent thermal resistance and oil break down which means you can go longer between drain intervals. This translates into actually saving you money while providing superior protection over the life of synthetic motor oil.

Alkalinity Additives 

One example of how our quality additives help protect your vehicle synthetic oil that uses high-quality alkalinity additive. In diesel engines, lubricants must be replaced when the alkalinity additives are used up. The engine becomes susceptible to corrosion when the alkalinity of the oil changes. This may cause engine failure or excessive and accelerated wear to the engine. 


The benefits of AMSOIL are attributed to our use of high-quality base stock and our high-quality additives. Using AMSOIL synthetic oil gives you the benefits of longer equipment life, fewer needed repairs, better performance, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions. 

AMSOIL synthetic oil in Olympia, Washington

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