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Awesome Muscle Cars You Can Afford

We advised you on how to keep your muscle car maintained. Now if you could only afford one! Luckily, there are some quality models on the market at prices that won't break the bank. Take a look at some of these head-turners.

1970 Ford Torino

 Get the American version of Mad Max's Road Warrior for around $6,000 in good condition. Supersonic jets inspired the Torino's design, and it shows.

1971 AMC Hornet

James Bond famously made a spiraling jump across a broken bridge in his Hornet. At just $5,000 in good condition, you could afford to give it a shot yourself.

1972 Pontiac GTO

The GTO came to define muscle car, and despite Pontiac's failed attempt to revive the classic in 2004, still holds its reputation. Find a good condition 1972 model for around $6,000.

1973 Ford Maverick

The Maverick was not meant to be a muscle car, but because of its Mustang/Falcon inspired-chassis, you can easily make it one at a fraction of the cost ($6,000) of its more famous counterparts.

1975 Pontiac Grand Am

A casualty of the 1973 oil crisis, the Grand Am fell in sales and production. There are still hundreds on the road that you can pick up for around $6,000.

1989 Pontiac Trans Am

The 20th Anniversary edition of the Pontiac Trans Am was a nostalgic throwback of the Smokey & the Bandit car. To think you could drive an Indy 500 pace car for just $8,000!

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

The 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra is fast, tough, and a steal for around $5,000. While it still has the boxy look of 80s cars, performance-wise it is hard to beat.

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