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Picking the Right Mower for Your Yard

There is a mower for every kind of yard. When choosing a mower, start by asking what kind of yard and grass you have to determine which option is best for your needs. You probably do not need the biggest engine, fastest mower, and all the fixings. Here are some mowers with their best applications.

Manual Reel Mower

This is your grandfather's lawn mower. Push it, and the blades spin. There is no motor to maintain, so they are quiet, dependable, and good for the environment. They are perfect for small, flat yards, and cut grass smoothly leaving less brown tips. Manual mowers do tend to roll over large weeds rather than cutting them, and require you to walk quickly for best results. Great for exercise.

Electric Mowers

You can find corded and cordless electric mowers will work well for small yards. You do not need gas or oil, so they are quieter and more dependable. The mower is limited by the cord length or the amount of charge, and a cord is difficult to maneuvre around obstacles. Cordless mowers also come in self-propelled models, requiring less push effort on your part though this feature will drain the battery quickly.


Walk-behind mowers also come in push or self-propelled models. Their gas engines are more powerful, so they cut thick brush and weeds easier. Push models are better for small yards since they do require considerable effort. Self-propellers are easier and work well for medium yards. If your yard contains many obstacles, you will want front-wheel drive for better maneuverability. Rear-wheel drive is better for cutting up hills.

Riding Mowers

For larger yards, you may opt for a riding mower. Sit back and relax. Rear-mounted motor models are slower and narrower, so it will take more time to mow very large lawns. Tractors work best for big yards, and can be used as snow plows and work carts as well.

For Synthetic Oil in Olympia, WA

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