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High Quality Additives in AMSOIL Products

AMSOIL has lots of features which make it superior to conventional lubricants. Today, we want to talk to you about our high-quality additives. Some lubricants are made with low-quality viscosity modifiers that are often damaged from shearing forces in your engine. When these modifiers are damaged, they no longer work and the lubricant’s viscosity changes. The viscosity becomes lower which leaves your components open to wear and damage.


Cost is directly related to the quality of the lubricant additives. Lubricants sold at a low price point use conventional base stock and low-cost and low-quality additives. These lubricants are not formulated for performance. Lubricants formulated to optimize performance, like AMSOIL, contain additives proven to perform within a wide range of temperate and demand. These kinds of additives often cost more but are worth it since they protect your vehicle and equipment. Having a high quality synthetic oil leads to excellent thermal resistance which means you can go longer between oil changes, or drain intervals, than conventional oils. This translate into actually saving you money by spending a little more up front on a higher quality synthetic oil. Over time, AMSOIL synthetic oil proves to be most cost-effective because it provides superior lubrication and protection so your vehicle and equipment last longer and require less maintenance and downtime. Your vehicle and equipment will perform better as well which increases fuel economy and reduces emissions.

Alkalinity Additives

One example of how our quality additives help protect your vehicle synthetic oil that uses high-quality alkalinity additive. In diesel engines, lubricants must be replaced when the alkalinity additives are used up. The engine becomes susceptible to corrosion when the alkalinity of the oil changes. This may cause engine failure or excessive and accelerated wear to the engine.


The benefits of AMSOIL are attributed to our use of high-quality base stock and our high-quality additives. Using AMSOIL synthetic oil gives you the benefits of longer equipment life, fewer needed repairs, better performance, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

AMSOIL synthetic oil in Olympia, Washington

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