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That is the most asked question I get by prospective customers.  

I use AMSOIL Signature Series Motor OIl in my 2016 KIA Sportage.  Not only do I get great fuel mileage the performance both on and off road is fantastic.  This car has beenthrough it all with no mechanical failures.

The answer is yes, I have used many of the products offered by AMSOIL for many years.  My satisfaction with the product is one of the key reasons I became an AMSOIL Dealer back in 2002.

Fact is, for many years, I have done professional photography where I will go on extended road trips looking for the perfect image. It is not uncommon to rack up 7-13,000 miles on just a single trip.  Since I use AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil rated for up to 1 year or 25,000 miles, I can travel without having to be bothered stopping for an oil change.  If you would like to see some of the photography I have taken over the years visit my Photography Website

Besides, having the confidence that I can travel without being bothered by stopping to change oil, there is another big plus.  On my 2016 KIA Sportage, I gained almost 2 miles per gallon, with the rising cost of fuel this adds up fast.

When you travel in conditions that one day may be freezing and the next day blazing hot, you want motor oil that maintains the viscosity index to protect your engine.  If you look at the specifications, AMSOIL has a broad operating range, the NOACK is rated at 450 degrees, yet the motor oil still pours at -40 degrees.

When you take it a step further and switch to AMSOIL for all your moving parts like transmission, differentials, you further protect your valuable car or truck.

Remember, AMSOIL is American Made, you can order directly off my website and get fast shipping directly to your home or a business location. 

Orders for over $100 of products get FREE Shipping!

While you at it, remember to add the Preferred Customer membership to your order and save up to 25% off the Retail Price.  Preferred customers earn bonus points you can redeem on future orders, you have an AMSOIL login account for easy ordering, and you have me at your disposal should you have any questions or concerns.

With the rapidly increasing cost of gas, it is clearly time to make the switch and save money by using AMSOIL Products, Shop AMSOIL Motor Oil

Norm Stokes
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