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When you want protection and performance AMSOIL is the right choice

I am an avid photographer and typically put a ton of miles on my vehicle.  Fact is in 2016 I bought a brand new KIA Sportage and within 2 years I had almost 30K miles on the vehicle.  What impressed me is this car got exactly the fuel mileage the manufacture said it would get, 24mpg city, and 27mpg Hwy.  To my amazement my mileage jumped when I switched to AMSOIL to an average of 29-31mpg.

To appreciate the magnitude of this you have to understand how I drive.  I waste NO time getting from point A to point B and have taken this KIA into many places I would not have taken some off me  4X4 vehicles.

What makes it nice is I have the confidence I can take off on a. road trip and drive 4000-7000 miles and do not have to stop to change the oil and at the same time i am saving money on fuel.  I always prefer to use the signature series oil rated for up to 1yr or 25,000 miles under normal shrive but I consider my usage severe so I change every 12,500 miles just to be safe.

I now have over 60,000 miles of trouble free driving on my car and trust me it has been some rough miles.  Heck I did a road trip from WA to TN Feb 2018 and drove through about every severe condition you could think of with not one worry.

If you wan the best step up to AMSOIL.  Visit me on my website,

2016 KIA Sportage running on AMSOIL

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