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Where to Start When It Comes to Motorcycle Maintenance

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When compared against the level of vehicle and engine maintenance required with car ownership, owning a motorbike has the advantage that it can take significantly less amount of maintenance to keep it performing at peak levels on road, or off in the case of a dirt bike.

If you are admiring your first bike, whether it be a road or dirt bike, or you’re still searching for that perfect ride and are interested in some tips on how to best maintain your bike in good working order, you’re in the right place. Along with providing motorists with high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil, AMSOIL Dealer - Norm Stokes has extensive experience helping riders keep their bikes in good working order with a few simple tips.

Appreciate the Difference

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been driving a car since you could reach the pedals or you’re a seasoned rider who has simply made the switch to a new style or model of bike, there are going to be differences in the body and the engine of your new bike. Appreciate these differences and take the time to read through your owner’s manual to learn about any specific maintenance and riding requirements of your new ride.

The Basics

Simple maintenance items don’t equate to unimportant maintenance items, so take the time to maintain the basics. Levers and pedals are the best places to start, so make sure they’re operating smoothly and aren’t getting stuck at any points. Move on to your lights and indicators and make sure they’re all in working order. With a small footprint on the road, ensuring motorists around you are aware of your riding intentions is paramount to your safety.

Check Your Levels

Similar to a car, your bike’s engine needs the right amount of fluids and engine lubricants to operate smoothly and perform at its best. Each month, take the time to check your levels and, if need be, top them up as soon as you notice they’re low. There’s no use in waiting until next time’ and getting stuck in traffic because of a simple maintenance item. If topping up your engine empties the bottle of engine oil, call or text AMSOIL Dealer Norm Stokes and order a replacement in advance. With access to a large range of motorbike-focused engine oils, AMSOIL Dealer - Stokes Abode can get you the right product for your next synthetic oil change in Olympia.

Check Your Filters

While you’re at it, check your oil and air filters as both are necessary for operating a bike at optimal performance. If you can see that your air filter is starting to build up debris or your oil filter had reached the end of its lifespan, replace them straight away. Your bike’s engine needs both air and oil to operate, and restricting the flow can lead to unnecessary engine wear and damage caused by the flow of dirty oil throughout your engine.

Keeping You on the Ground

Given that you only have two of them and the body of your bike is minimal, the quality and condition of your tires are potentially the most important elements of keeping your ride safe. If you notice your handling is a little heavy or you can’t remember the last time you checked your tire condition and pressure, give them a thorough inspection. Look for any nicks or chips caused by debris on the road. Along with ensuring each tire contains the right amount of air pressure. If you aren’t sure what the correct pressure level is, head up to tip number one and have a read of your owner’s manual.

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