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 AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (product code: HPM) Field Test

My buddy and I swapped a Mercury 75hp motor onto a project boat, this motor had just been tuned up by a marine shop and tested.  The shop gave my buddy enough standard 2-stroke oil for a 5 gallon run so we set off to the lake for a test run.

We were very pleased with the fact we finally got the motor running and left the dock.  Both of us were a little concerned when he powered up as the motor did not seem to have the snap we thought it should have, there was some motor shake indicating the plugs were not firing smoothly, a strange intermittent knocking noise, and of course the expected smoke when idling.  when we killed the motor to do some fishing it was a struggle to restart.

I told my buddy I was ordering a gallon of AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil  for the next trip to see if it helped.Well in 2 days later I had a gallon of my AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil delivered right to my home.  I went to my buddies and hooked up the boat to the truck, headed to the gas station, filled the fuel tank with a 50:1 mixture, then it was off to the lake.

The first start was like before but we pushed on.  My buddy opened the throttle to get the boat on plane and within minutes we both noticed the intermittent knocking sound was going away, the motor was running much smoother.  When we got to the fishing spot and went to idle there was virtually no smoke or the nasty 2-cycle smell.  Over the day the motors performance just kept improving.  What really amazed both of us is the fact we no longer had restart issues, in fact we did not even have to advance the idle only setting to get it started.  all we had to do is touch the key to engage the starter and it was running.

Although over the years I have sold a tremendous about of this 2-cycle oil I have never had first hand experience using this product.  We have been out a couple more times with this boat and motor and it now the motor purrs like a happy kitten, starts like a dream, has great power, and has proven why so many of my customers swear by it.

AMSOIL HP Marine 2-Stroke Oil

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