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AMSOIL Preferred Customers SAVE up to 25% off Retail Pricing

Orders of over $100 product product also get FREE shipping

By becoming a Preferred Customer and shopping for your AMSOIL lubrication products you get moe thn just discounted pricing on AMSOIL products, here is a list of some of the benifits:
  • Save up to 25% Off Retail Pricing
  • Free Shipping on orders Free shipping on orders over $100 U.S./$130 Canada (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Earn Referral Rewards
  • Special Offers
  • Free Gear
  • Collect Preferred Customer Points to save even more
All orders are directly shipped to your address typically within 3 days.  It has never been easier to keep up on maintenance of all you equipment from the convenience of you home saving you even more time and money.

People ask, why should I sign up as a Preferred Customer with Norm at Stokes Abode?  Easy answer, Norm Stokes has been an independent distributor for AMSOIL products for over 17 years.  Norm at Stokes Abode will become your direct contact for all your needs, you can call Norm Stokes directly for both product support or if you want assistance making an order.  With over 17 years experience Norm can make sure you get the right product at the lowest price possible.  If Norm does not have the answer to your question Norm will get with the AMSOIL  engineering staff and get you the answer in a timely manner. 

If you want old fashioned customer service Norm Stokes at Stokes Abode is your AMSOIL solution center for all your lubrication needs.  Give Norm a call at 253-381-1550 or visit AMSOIL at Stokes Abode if you would like to learn more before getting started.  Don't let the Washington area code hold you back Norm is authorized to work with customers anywhere in the USA or Canada, beings everything is done online ordering and support has never been so easy.  Note:  If you get voicemail, please leave your information so Norm can call you back, with all the Bot calls these days Norm screens his calls to filter out the trash.

IMPORTANT: The link below will take you to the AMSOIL Corporate Online Preferred Customer Page, simply "add to cart" either the 6 or 12 month membership then select the "next screen" and "continue shopping" this will take you to the top level of the corporate store where you can start browsing and adding the products you want your preferred customer saving on.  As you will see, due to the ever expanding product line you will find many more products than you ever expected, it is worth the time to check out now.

Please make sure that you use the REFERRAL # 473613 if asked so you get assigned correctly

If you have a problem please call us at (253) 381-1550 so we can assist.

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