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Want an ideal of the saving you get using AMSOIL? Please check our EXAMPLE COST COMPARISON numbers do not lie, AMSOIL costs less when used as recommended.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil is made in  the USA and Saves You Money. AMSOIL's a wide range of motor oil from oil designed for normal OE drain intervals to our flag ship extended drain technology you use less oil over the over the warrantied period. If you currently drive the average 25,000 miles per year and change your oil every 5000 miles using a conventional mineral based oil or other synthetics not warrantied for extended drain technology (most are only rated at 5000 when you read the fine print for usage) you can see the dramatic savings AMSOIL provides. NOTE- the following figures do not even add in the fuel saving the majority of customers realize when they start using AMSOIL

Prices are estimated based on average pricing for AMSOIL Preferred Customers who can save up to 25% off the Retial Pricing.  Please call us directly or use the PRODUCT LOOKUP GUIDE PLEASE remember to add the PREFERRED CUSTOMER MEMBERSHIP to your order so you recieve your up to 25% off pricing.  Use your browser BACK BUTTON if needed to add more products to the shopping cart, no personal information is requested until the checkout process in our secure corporate store.

When your looking  a made in USA motor oil that provides the finest protection money can buy for your car, truck, farm equipment, over the road, or fleet vehicles American made AMSOIL is clearly the number 1 choice for synthetic products.

AMSOIL is officially trademarked the 1st in Synthetics since 1972 for a reason,  It does not matter HOT or COLD AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and lubrication products out performs the competition providing excellent film strength to combat the shear stresses going on in your engine, transmission, gear boxes, and differentials. 

As a result of the high film strength combined with the most robust additive package your engine, transmission, gear boxes, and differentials have less friction and wear which results in longer life and improved fuel mileage.  Do not settle for 2nd finest when you can use the finest and save money at the same time!

Even better AMSOIL synthetic oil has a Written Warranty to further protect our customers in the event of an synthetic oil failure. When you are looking for a synthetic oil make sure you step up to AMSOIL. synthetic oil for the ultimate protection.


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