Gear Lube Tips

The gears in differentials these day are under more demand than ever

Gear Lube is one of the ignored lubrications in most equipment used today yet it is one of the most vital to the overall performance and longevity of the equipment. Gear Oil is not like motor oil there are special additives in gear lube designed to keep two moving surfaces apart reducing friction between them, improving efficiency and reducing wear.

Differentials are just as important to the operation of a vehicle as the engine, without a functioning differential you will not go anywhere. Gear lubrication needs to be taken more seriously than before if you want years of trouble free operation. As technology increases there are more demands being placed on the gear oils being used requiring more sophisticated gear lubes to performing at higher standards.

Most vehicles operate under severe service as defined by automotive manufacturers, but the majority of vehicle owners are unaware of this or simply do not pay attention to the facts. Severe service applications include towing, hauling, plowing, off-road use, frequent stop-and-go driving, steep-hill driving and temperature extremes. Severe service applications are on the rise, have you ever drove through Seattle WA in rush hour? Look at the Diesel trucks today, they put out a huge amount of torque which means the Extreme Pressure additives in the gear lube have to perform better than in the past to keep metal of metal.

Synthetic gear oils like AMSOIL are recognized as superior to petroleum-based gear lubes by vehicle manufacturers, gear manufacturers and most high-performance automotive experts. AMSOIL Synthetic gear oils exhibit all-around better performance. There are many synthetic gear lubricants available to consumers, including those marketed by vehicle manufacturers but you need to know the facts.

To learn more please read the AMSOIL GearOil Comparison this is the most comprehensive report out there that shows how AMSOIL stacks up compared to the competition. You will see that in some cases AMSOIL is not the number one for a test but read the report carefully as it will prove AMSOIL is the finest overall product for you auto, truck, tractor, or any equipment requiring a top quality gear lube.