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AMSOIL Testimonials

When it comes to Synthetic Motor Oil The experts Agree AMSOIL is the finest Synthetic Motor Oil

Since 1972 AMSOIL has had the distinction of being recognized as the 1st in synthetics. Now for 40 year's AMSOIL continues to lead the industry with leading edge technology to make sure AMSOIL products continue to outperform the competition. As a result AMSOIL customers continue to be able to buy the finest synthetic motor oil at the finest prices possible. Below are some testimonials from companies who use out products in real world situations and their comments as to the performance.

Courtesy Cab Test Analysis
Foster Trucking owns over 200 trucks over the road and has seen increased fuel mileage and lower maintenance costs. If you have ever had the opportunity to talk to a trucking company you know they are extremely picking about the maintenance performed as well as the fluids that are used. When a truck like these are down the costs to the company become staggering in a mere few minutes. When they use a quality product such as AMSOIL and see the reliability improve while increasing the fuel mileage they get extremely excited.

When it came to savings Guardian Pest Solutions Testimonial says it all. With the ever increasing cost of lubrication products, fuel, and repairs it only makes sense to use AMSOIL in every application that requires lubrication.
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