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My AMSOIL Garage is Here

Are you tired of trying to keep up with all your equipment needs?

Are you tired of trying to find that piece of paper you wrote down the products you need when you go to change the oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, or other associated maintenance products for all your equipment?

Great news!!  We have the solution that makes all the stress go away, AMSOILS's FREE My AMSOIL Garage.  In a matter of minutes, you can setup this free tool, enter all your equipment and get a complete list of all the recommended products for your equipment.  When it is time to service your equipment just log in and go to the My AMSOIL Garage and place your order.

What do you have to lose other than that piece of paper you had written your information down on.

Great news!!  We have the solution that makes all the stress go away, AMSOILS's FREE My AMSOIL Garage.  In a matter of minutes, you can setup this free tool, enter all your equipment and get a complete list of all the recommended products for your equipment

Many ask about the shipping charges for AMSOIL Products

Q.  I like your website AMSOIL and would like to have you as my servicing dealer but I live in Florida and you are in Washington. Can I buy from you and wouldn't that increase my cost due to the shipping expense?

A.  Great question and the answer is YES & NO!  As an AMSOIL Dealer, I am authorized to sell to anyone anywhere in the USA or Canada. 

When it comes to shipping expenses AMSOIL has set up distribution centers across the USA and Canada so all products ship from the closest center.
Even better ONLINE orders now pay a flat $8.99 for orders below $100 and get FREE shipping for orders over $100 anywhere in the USA or Canada.

If you choose to becme a Preferred Customer you will add even more to your savings.  Preferred Customers save up to 25% off the retail price and earn bonus points that can be applied to future orders for even more savings.

I look forward to becoming your serviceng dealer so I usrge you to sign up today.  Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime 7 days a week.  100% Customer satisfaction is my goal, 7 days a week.

How to 2-Cycle Engines Work

Q.  How does a 2 cycle engine work when it does not use valves like a 4-cycle engine?

A.  Great question and it is important to understand the answer so you can understand why AMSOIL created the Fabulous Four 2 Cycle Oil.

2-Cycle engines can be found nearly everywhere these days. They are used in dozens of applications and a wide variety of designs for everything from work and recreation to power generation.

2-Cycle engines have design differences and operate under conditions that require different oil chemistries than their four-cycle counterparts. To recommend a lubricant for a 2-stroke engine, one needs to know how this engine operates, why it is used in place of a four-cycle engine and where and in what type of applications it is used.

What is a 2-Cycle engine?

The terms "2-Cycle" and "2-stroke" are often inter-changed when speaking about 2-Cycle engines. These engines derive their name from the amount of directional changes that the pistons make during each power stroke. Internal combustion engines are used to produce mechanical power from the chemical energy contained in hydrocarbon fuels.

The power-producing part of the motor is operating cycle starts inside the motor's cylinders with a compression process. Following this compression, the burning of the fuel-air mixture then releases the fuel's chemical energy and produces high-temperature, high-pressure combustion products. These gases then expand within each cylinder and transfer work to the piston. Thus, as the engine is operated continuously, mechanical power is produced. Each upward or downward movement of the piston is called a stroke. There are two commonly used internal combustion engine cycles: the 2-stroke and the four-stroke.

AMSOIL's "Fabulous Four" 2 Cycle Oil
AMSOIL has the Fab Four 2-Cycle Oil for all your 2-Cycle needs

AMSOIL Introduces New 75w110 Gear Lube

Vehicles have recently seen tremendous gains in both horsepower and towing limits. In fact, horsepower has increased by as much as 93 percent in turbo diesel trucks and vehicle towing limits have increased from 7,500 to 18,000 lbs. in recent years, causing differentials to run hotter than ever. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers have been under pressure to meet government-mandated fuel efficiency requirements. 

SAE J-306 was modified in 2006 to break up the broad viscosity range of SAE 90. With a viscosity range of between 18.5 cSt and <24 cSt, the new SAE 110 classification is midway between SAE 90 and SAE 140. This new classification assures gear manufacturers of sufficient viscosity protection, as well as improved efficiency and fuel economy over SAE 140 gear lubricants. A similar viscosity range break-up occurred with the SAE 140 classification, with the new SAE 190 classification splitting the range between SAE 140 and SAE 250. SAE 190 and 250 gear lubricants are thick viscosity oils for special applications.


While your here take this opportunity keep up to date with AMSOIL Products and download our new interactive AMSOIL Product Catalog. This is a PDF file that you can save on you computer that has built in links directly to the AMSOIL Corporate Store making the process of checking prices or ordering easier than ever before. Now you can get the current product prices Online. Prices listed are retail but if you choose to purchase you will be offered an opportunity in which you can save 15-25%. Thanks, AMSOIL 1st in Synthetics!  


Eckstrom Takes Silver at Winter X

Those who have seen them all called it the most exciting snocross race ever at the Winter X Games VII at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. D.J. Eckstrom on his black AMSOIL powered Polaris sled grabbed the hole shot, as he had in every heat, and led till the last lap. Blair Morgan had to tussle with traffic to move from fourth to second. With time running out, D.J. successfully countered Blair's charge, holding on to the lead in spite of the dragon on his tail. A single miscue on the last lap allowed Morgan to capture his third Winter X Gold, but it was an awesome run for D.J. on behalf of AMSOIL.

AMSOIL teammate Justin Tate also looked strong on Thursday, finishing second in his first two heats and a fifth in the third. But a nasty fall in the semi-final resulted in a blow to the head in which he became mildly concussed, ending his run for a medal. The team is optimistic about his being able to race in Sunday's Hill cross event in which he is a favorite to win.


AMSOIL Sponsors Expedition Targeting North Pole

AMSOIL INC. of Superior, WI has jumped on board the snowmobile trek of two American adventurers seeking to become the first to transverse the Northern Hemisphere from the southern Canadian border to the North Pole. The U.S based team consists of Chris Martz of Indianapolis, Indiana and Otto Bakemeier of Dallas, Texas. Another important member of the team is Bear, a four year old husky mix who stands watch at night for Polar Bears.


This will be the fourth leg of the Arctic Trek 2000 journey. The Arctic Trek expedition is scheduled to leave on the first week of March from Eureka, Nunavet, on Ellesmere Island far above the Arctic Circle. The team expects to arrive at the North Pole before the first of May.

AMSOIL took an interest in the Arctic Trek expedition because of the pioneering spirit of the team. AMSOIL President and founder Albert J. Amatuzio was a pioneer in the development of synthetic lubrication for automotive applications. Without the cold temperature capabilities of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants it would likely be impossible for snowmobiles to reach the Pole. The North Pole Trek is an extreme test for both man and machine.


* More than 100,000 school children will be following the expedition through their "Cool School" program and via the Internet. Other sponsors of the journey include Galyan's, Hudson's Bay Company, and Sudbury Cycle & Marine.

* The team's Yamaha snowmobiles have been lubricated with AMSOIL from day one of the journey.

* More than 130 American flags will be flown at the pole and then shared with sponsors.

* Now celebrating it's 30th Anniversary, AMSOIL has been the recognized leader in synthetic lubrication since 1972

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